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Why is Missouri considered Mid West when it is closer to New York than California?

It just seems like Missouri is part of the east coast. I thought the mid west states would all be in the middle.

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  • oyubir
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    1 month ago
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    I am not American, nor do I live there. But I know that one (it is taught in high school in my country, and I guess almost in all countries).

    Mid West IS closer to NY than California. So, no mystery in the fact that a specific state, closer to NY than California can be in midwest.

    And as far, how come that this region, closer to NY than California, is called "Midwest", well, you have to keep in mind that that name is older that your colonisation of all the area between the two continent. West frontier of USA was with France back then. In Fact, Missouri is even more on the West than historical Midwest: it was part of French Louisiana.  So it is even a western addition to Midwest.

    At the start of your western conquest, when people were saying "go west", they meant "west of Pittsburg". Saint Louis was a western city.

    So, yes, the west is far bigger than the east.

  • Jim
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    1 month ago

    It's a historical and traditional thing

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