Who's your favourite Star Trek Captain?

Watching repeats of TNG I was struck by the intelligence Patrick Stewart\Jean-Luc Picard brought to the role, as well as the Shakespearian accent. Obviously William Shatner\James T. Kirk was great; obviously he had his shortcomings, he was not always likable. He remains my favourite. I am not a fan of Voyager although I thought Kate Mulgrew was excellent as their Captain, she was sure of herself. I thought Scott Bakula was underrated, but then I actually like Enterprise (with him), perhaps I have poor taste.


Christopher Pike was almost phenomenal as Captain, possibly the best imho, but he was not within their budget unfortunately.

Update 2:

DS9 doesn't really count as it wasn't a spaceship but I thought Sisko was adequate, I always thought Quark stole the show. STD is beyond rubbish and I don't recognise it. It's worse even than that lame *** LIS reboot.

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    Patrick Stewart was ten times the actor of William Shatner, so I have some affection for Picard because of that.  But Kirk was the better and more interesting character of the two.  Picard was kind of a limp di ck.  He lacked any punch or interest.

    Sisko was okay, but I kind of felt like the actor was a poor choice.  He lacked any real charisma.  

    I only saw a few episodes of Voyager and Mulgrew was always more annoying than interesting.  I felt like they were so desperate to make her seem strong that they had her play masculine.  It was political correctness ruining the character again.

    I saw the first season or so of Enterprise, and Bakula was underwhelming.  The thing is Bakula is one of those actors who seems to be the SAME GUY in every role he plays to me.  So I just saw the usual Scott Bakula character instead of a distinct character.  

    I haven't seen the new Discovery series.  And from what friends have said, I'm certainly not going to seek it out.

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    Jean-Luc Picard is my favorite.

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