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You got to be a idiot to travel during covid ?

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    In most cases very true. Some travel is still necessary for many reasons.

    Think about that the next time you go shopping for food.

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    Was that meant to be a question? It didn't look like one.

    As it happens, my husband and I are thinking seriously about visiting a city in Europe next month. We live in Scotland, and would fly from Edinburgh. Naturally we would observe all the rules about masks, disinfecting, social distancing and so forth, and if we were required to self-isolate on return we would do it without difficulty.

    Flights are cheap, so are hotels, and the city we intend to visit is going about its daily business in a relatively normal way BUT (hurrah!) without the usual hordes of tourists. From our point of view there's every reason to go.

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    No. You got (sic) to be an idiot to so irrationally fear a case of the China sniffles that you give in to the liberals and sacrifice your freedom to live life on your own terms.

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    Not necessarily but you are taking a risk if you travel.

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    Interesting username... okay.

    When there is a critical business to attend to either for a economic or family matters and air travel is the only practical solution, your choices are limited.

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