Is this iambic pentameter? “desire ur company-I tried calling you but there was no answer.”..?

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    / de SIRE / your COM / pan Y / i TRIED / CALL ing /

    / YOU but / there WAS / no AN / swer.

    No, it's not. The fifth foot isn't an iamb but a trochee. The stress on the word "calling" falls on the first syllable rather than the second. The first foot of the second line is also not an iamb as we would naturally put stress on "you" rather than "but" after having said "calling." Also, the second line doesn't contain five iambs (five feet), so it's not in pentameter, the "penta" in "pentameter" meaning "five" like it does in "pentagon."


    / de SIRE / your COM / pan Y / and TRIED / to CALL /

    / but NO / one AN / swer'd...

    I can't finish out the second half of the second line's third iamb or the last two iambs in that line to make the couplet iambic pentameter because I don't know what you wish to say, but the edit above at least is completely iambic. You need only finish off the second line with a stressed syllable followed by an unstressed, a stressed, an unstressed, and another stressed, with a possible variation of an additional unstressed syllable afterwards since a line of iambic pentameter actually does allow for 11 syllables so long as the 11th syllable is unstressed.

    Some options, which you can take or leave, that would finish out the second line might include:

    / but NO / one AN /swer'd SO / am ALL / a LONE / (keeps theme of not using "I")


    / but NO / one AN / swer'd. I / am ALL / a LONE / (poetically emphasizes "I")


    / but NO / one AN /swere'd. ALL / a LONE / i FALL / (makes couplet rhyme) 

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    An iamb is two syllables with the second syllable stressed. Iambic pentameter consists of exactly five iambs, that is ten syllables with every second syllable stressed.

    "desire ur company-I tried calling you but there was no answer" does not quite fit this definition.

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