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Are the Dems trying to lose the election?

So now the Woke have Creepy straight white male privileged sexpest with dementia Joe Biden running alongside a crooked cop who basically framed a black guy for a crime he didn’t commit (link below) and backed Jessie Smolliar, and of course supported the women accusing Biden of sexual assault with the unambiguous quote  “I Believe them”. Seriously is this the woke vote? How can these 2 possibly win with out either extreme rigging or the Woke selling out and going against everything they believe in?


@ Anonymous; Ok so a DA isn’t a cop? But a DA prosecutes on behalf of the cops. She Showed up twice to that trial, didn’t know the man she was prosecuting gross negligence. And she has never walked back her support of Smolliar, not to mention the infamous “I do not believe you are a racist….but” during the debates. looks like Trump 2020 because the Dems clearly want it to

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    I'm starting to think so, maybe the establishment wants Trump as some kind figure to direct hate at whilst they take away freedom with the lockdown and all the coming events like mandatory vaccination. He's kind of like an Emmanuel Goldstein figure from 1984, and also a display of how little authority the President has in the brave new world.

    That's why they have gone so openly insane, it's the only way to give Trump a win. 

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    Nope. FYI, TRAITORTRUMP is the Democrats secret weapon to winning in 2020. Just like he gave us control of the House in 2018.

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    Harris is NOT a cop.  She was a district attorney doing her job prosecuting criminals.   She produced evidence, the jury found him guilty and the judge sent him to jail.

     She and a lot of people initially believed Smollet when this first came to light

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