A balloon is floating on top of an ocean at a volume of 2.04 L at a pressure of 730 mmHg and a temperature at 20 °C. A sea creature then gets hungry and pulls the balloon down to the bottom of the ocean where the temperature decreases to 5°C while the pressure increases to 1510 mmHg. Suppose the balloon can freely increase, calculate the volume of the balloon.

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    V₂ = P₁V₁T₂/T₁P₂

    V₂ = (730)(2.04)(273.16+5) / (273.16+20)(1510) = _____ L

    Combined Gas law

    P₁V₁/T₁ = P₂V₂/T₂

    V₂ = P₁V₁T₂/T₁P₂

    pressure and temperature are absolute

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