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I think my mom is a hoarder? What do I do?

Okay so my mom is a hoarder and can't throw out anything, every single jar, every container, every straw, she saves it and then she has the audacity to come to my room and say I'm unorganized because I don't always make my bed despite constantly decluttering and cleaning my room (which is hard because my bed is heavy).

Anyways my mom refuses to throw out containers (the ones with lids like plastic ice cream tubs, ) we have because they're free, . Which I get, it's recycling and she uses this as an excuse, but we have way too many and every time we open the cup they fall down everywhere. My mom has a closet full of clothes that her friend gave her, and she insists on keeping that clothes in that closet under the guise that she's going to resell the clothes despite not doing anything with it for 4 years. 

I can't throw out things little by little because she will get sad and she will still accumulate things, I'm embarrassed and tired of this and I want our house to be clean so I can bring friends over.

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    I grew up with a pack rat too & became one myself.  But I am not as bad as my grandmother & mother.  Buy some types of organizers & help her organize her 'stuff'.  Ask her to, please, at least keep the living room uncluttered so your friends can come over.  You may have to clean the kitchen & bath too.

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