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U should never put all your trust in drs?

I feel like drs really don't care. They prescribe u all this medicine and don't tell u about the side effects.all they want is money. I'm startin to hate drs. 

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    Should we go to Church, Temple, mosque or a Gurudwara with our serious patient in the Ambulance?

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    When you visit a doctor's office, you will be charged for an office call that could be $100 or more. Medical Insurance pays for visits like these, however, doctors know they have to give a patient an answer that may not always be correct or prescribe some medicine. Doctors also know patients can ask questions about medical subjects the doctor does not know, so doctors spend less times with patients if possible. If possible, try to choose a doctor who is associated with a medical school in your town or city. These doctors have to be smarter because the medical school allow some doctors to have private practices but must follow the rules set up by the medical school.


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    They are doctors not Gods. You cant predict a lot. But if you don't trust your doc. Find one you can. Keep in mind you, as the potential patient have a part to play.  Find someone you are compatible with, Bedside manner and all that jazz..

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    Almost EVERY kind of medication can have some sort of side effects (even plain old aspirin). If you want to know the possible side effects of a medication your doctor has prescribed, then ASK him. Or, read the leaflet that comes with every kind of prescribed medication. It will list all the possible "bad" side effects you might experience from that medication.

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    The books students use are written by the medical lobby and they only promote their toxic chemicals. I am advanced in naturopathy and only treat myself, friends and family. I really cannot recommend any chemical drugs. If I go to my GP if I have fever, I only need a sick leave and treat myself; if I ask some questions to my GP, I hear the answers full of errors...terrible!

    Doctors ARE able to learn ...but they learn the wrong things.

    Quote by german Doctor Mauch (+ killed at the age of 77):

    "People need to become adult again to take the responsibility for their own health"

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    Doctors give up 8-10 years of their lives to become doctors and take care of us. Of course you should trust them!

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    Doctors are often forced to prescribe medications because INSURANCE pays more for it.

    It's not doctors that you should despise.   They are caught up in a horrendously run system and doing the best they can. 

    Insurance companies should earn your ire and not having universal health care should make you mad.

    Insurance is why everything health related is so expensive and why doctors can be motivated to see as many patients as possible. 

    Good doctors who teach their patients how to be healthy,  are actually PENALIZED with drastically reduced pay 

    So, hate the system,  not the ONLY ones in it that are trying to help you  

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    What do you ask when the script is handed to you?

    Did you specifically ask what the side effects may be?

    Ask your doctor questions before you leave.

    You could always ask the pharmacist, or try Google, or call the doctor again and ask.

    The onus is on you to be vigilant, and better informed.


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