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Serious question?

My wife got hurt at work, lower back injury. She was out for a week or so but in the midst of her recovery a male coworker text her saying he was sorry he blew her back out. Im not the smartest man but it seems odd and she was defensive about the text when confrontated. What to do?

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    I think context applies here

    If it was just a co-worker sending her a "get well soon" text, then I think its innocent and nothing for her to be defensive about, or for you to be suspicious about either! I really think there is a whole lot more to this, that you are choosing to leave out of the equation.

    My guess here is that you are jealous and possessive over her (hence snooping through her phone), and she felt that if she told you about the text, you would blow up and be livid with her. I also think, she was probably more angry with you for snooping through her phone than the text itself.

    I think you need to stop being possessive over her.

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    Nothing, male and female coworkers now a days regularly reach out  to express concern or congratulations. In/on a number of areas across the board. Means nothing.  Problems arise when comparison of you and those people start to happen, when the social texting and chatting become almost a daily thing. When the spouse works their schedule to increase contact with these people and reduces contact with you. So far, you have a coworker sending a get well soon type thing to someone, we all hope, gets well soon.

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    Well that is a sexual reference sorry. A very well known one at that.

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