Being LGBT in India? Honour killings?

I wasn’t looking for anything too serious but I met this girl in uni who I thought was beautiful and she actually asked me on a date. We both live in Britain, I am British and always have lived here, she is from India and moved to Britain to study a year ago. We are both feminine lesbian women. We went on a few dates before I realised that I really liked her and she told me that she felt the same. We started dating but it was casual, our family nor friends knew explicitly but they gathered. After 9 months, we told everyone officially that we were together. Friends first and then I told me family. She didn’t tell hers straight away but I just thought she would eventually and I wasn’t too bothered. 13 months into being together and I asked when she would tell them, her reply was ‘definitely not, they wouldn’t understand, they’d disown me and I’d financially not cope’ she then told me how it would be dangerous to come out to her parents and that she always thought that she’d tell them when she got MARRIED. I’ve felt uneasy about this, I’ve been researching ‘honour killings’ and I am really fearful for her safety and mine. What should I do? I love her :( She wants to tell her sister and has asked if I will come to India with her to do so. I do not want either of us to go to India and experience a hate crime. 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

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  • 5 months ago

    Is she Indian or Pakistani ? Cause that makes a huge difference. Hindus are generally quite tolerant so it might just be her particular family are a bit strict. If her family are that ‘’other’’ religion you can forget her telling them ever and yes it would be dangerous.

  • 5 months ago

    I love (laugh) this  "we will disown you" threat. 

    Let me share a hypothetical with you. 

    Most evenings on the TV news we see yet another young man appearing in court charged with some horrendous crime.  It could be robbery (often violence) maybe assault, kid napping, torture,  rape or murder.  Often the victim(s) are old and frail or young,  some just a child or even baby.   

    As the accused is standing trial you will see his family there in court to support him and this support will remain as they also listen to the evidence regardless of how offensive it is and even upon conviction they will tell you he is family and family stick together through the good and the bad.

    Which brings us to her family.  Considering what she says and what I say above,  is there message not,  we will remain proud of you even if you kidnap,  torture, rape and kill a 5 year old child,  but we wont be if you have a same sex partner.  

    Now lets get serious,  if we have to pretend we are who we are not,  just to make our parents happy,  is that really right?   Would she ever inflict the same on her parents,  lets say if she said to her mum that she has made a poor choice when she picked dad,   would her mum leave her dad if she said its offensive for her to see them together??

    Your girlfriend needs to decide if she is going to be their puppet or be the person nature made her.

    I sure would not go to with her to India just to tell them.     You are right in that some families go over the top when it comes to these things.  

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Easy solution. You stop being a lesbian and find a good Catholic man. 

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