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How difficult would it be to switch from reflector assemblies to projector assemblies on a base 2015 Kia Soul?

I have tried several places but no one can help me, this is my last resort. I wanted to upgrade from reflector headlights to projector headlights on my 2015 Kia Soul. A neighbor of mine had same year car and the headlights I wanted so he let me test fit one to see if it would work. Things that seemed to work were the low would come on and the high would come on. Low would shut off when the high was on as well. Like it should. The blinkers would work when you gave the signal. However what wasn’t working anymore is where the side marker lights are and the parking lights switch did nothing anymore. When I turned the hazards on they wouldn’t flash up front either. It may be something simple and I just don’t realize it. I’m not an expert by any means. If all else fails I thought about just investing into some Katzkinz leather for my interior. Any knowledge would help, if you know what needs to be done. Or if you think I should just go get my interior fixed up let me know. I’ll leave a picture below showing what I’m going to.

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  • Bill
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    It’s a Kia. Leave the lights alone and put the leather in, if you’re going to do something. You’ll enjoy a nicer interior more than different headlights. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    That’s what I’ve been leaning to I don’t want to screw with much electrical nonsense so I don’t overload my alternator. Car looks super nice on the outside as it is. What do you drive yourself if you don’t mind me asking? This is the Kia I drive 

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