I think my family doctor might’ve been the cause for my lisp.?

As a kid, my tongue wouldn’t be able to really stick out like others, so I told my parents about it and they took it really seriously for some reason. I was just a kid so I was just confused and naive. Nonetheless, we went to the family doctor about it and he said it’s because my tongue tie, which is the string thing under my tongue, that it’s too long which is what’s restricting my tongue from extending further. Long story short, he decided to cut part of it, with my parents consent. What confuses me is how he was somehow allowed to this type of stuff, since he’s just a family doctor I go to get check ups once and a while. Either way, the day came where I was suppose to get the surgery and I went in the room. He asked if I’d want my parents there or not and I said no. After that, he numbed my tongue with a needle or something. I remember the situation just being so unprofessional, because I was sat upright on the surgery bed and he was doing the cut without any noticeable carefulness. I remember being frightened and continuously telling him to wait but he continued and I understand that part because I kept saying wait wait wait lol. But my problem is the cut. He cut part of the tongue tie apparently and I don’t remember seeing it really in detail. He seemed to rush me off briefly after, as if he made a mistake. I asked if I could get the jar to see it and he refused and made an excuse. He briefly escorted me and my family out and I was still feeling pain even with the needle

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