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Thoughts on hearing loss! ?

Hey, there everyone! 

So, as the title mentions, I want to discuss / converse about hearing loss, as well as some of my recent personal experiences! 

In no way, shape, or form, am I going to be using this information to seek medical advice, but I generally am curious to hear some other opinions about how hearing affects your day to day. 

So a little bit of background information: Despite some vision problems & a few chronic illnesses, I am a perfectly healthy 20 year old, who has never had any prior experiences with hearing. 

I’d say of these last few months, I’ve noticed little signs that either I’m really not a good listener, or that my hearing is being impaired. 

I work in an environment that is always bustling. It’s always very loud with people / music. Our staff also wears radios as that’s our main method of communicating. 

Specifically at work, I noticed that I found myself having to let others know that I need them to repeat themselves simply because I can’t hear them the first time. Granted, we all do this, and with radio’s, background noise, and face masks into play, I’m surprised were able to communicate at all. 

I found myself having to ask others to repeat things, or having them tell me things that I didn’t even hear. Even at home, my house has mentioned that I listen too things way too loudly & am always on the quieter side when I speak. 

Should this be a cause for concern, or is it just something everyone deals with? 

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  • 5 months ago

    I lost my hearing in my left ear many years ago.

    It doesn't affect me at all.

  • 5 months ago

    huh, what did you say??????

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