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Do you think hypnotherapy will work for me, if CBT didn’t?UK?

I have a needle phobia, my therapist said it’s severe and she said she wishes she could have gave me more sessions. I only had 8 telephone sessions. But I’m thinking

if cognitive behavioural therapy didn’t work, will hypnosis? 

The doctors have also gave me 2 lots of different dosage of diazepam and they didn’t work, my anxiety went to high and they couldn’t do the blood test. 

I’m 22 now and had this phobia since I was about 7. I just want to get over it but nothings working for me.

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    Some people have very good results with hypnotherapy but the most common therapy for phobias is exposure. I'll mention that there's a kind of exposure therapy that involves imagining the thing that's feared. If you're very relaxed you can imagine the situation you're afraid of. Medicine is one way, and a very good relaxation method is slow breathing. 

    This answer has details about two psychiatrists who recommend a 3-part mind-body method for anxiety that includes slow breathing.

    Of course, you can also use this just before you get the needle, and while you do.

    Pain is two things - sensation and emotion. That's why doctors sometimes recommend a drug when the patient is going to undergo something painful. It only deals with the emotional aspect but that reduces the pain.

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    Google The Speakmans, they are experts in this and are always on U.K. TV. They deal in aversion therapy.

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    CBT won't fix this, nor will meds.

    The proven best treatment for phobias is Exposure Therapy. A phobia is an anxiety disorder, and this therapy works by targeting the source of the anxiety head on, with gradual exposure to the source.

    An example of how it might work for a fear of spiders; Looking at pictures of spiders, holding pictures of spiders, fake spiders, a real spider from a distance and then that is gradually brought closer over the sessions.

    All forms of therapy are difficult and this is no different however, as already stated, it is effective.

    Good luck!

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