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Any advice or tips for no longer engaging wih a male coworker who is behaving very inappropriately with me?

I am a young woman at a minimum wage job. To be frank its in a low income area. In other words i cant just run to HR or a manager and tattle tale and expect them to care o do anything. Besdies, i am not their favorite subordinate. He is. 

About a month or two ago, this young man fresh out of college started getting put to work with me on projects one on one basically. So he apparently took this bull by the horns and used it as an opportunity to really push to talk to me and try to get closer to me. I only gave in eventually because I thought he seemed like a straight laced serious guy. He was actually more like a wolf in sheep clothing, I would come to find out. 

Soon after I got comfortable being his work buddy and chatting it up with him to pass the hours by faster, he would begin pushing me to do drugs and drink. I have no interest in those activities and he still weeks later continues to tell me i should do them and invites me to do it with him. I dont know how much more clear i can make it to him that i don't do those things. Hes going on and on like a toddler by pushing them on me.

And furthermore lately he has gotten way to comfortable with me because he thinks nothing of asking me about my sex life and making specific sex references even though i tell him its gross to hear about. 

As i am a professional i really wish it didnt get this far and i regret becoming close to this lowlife. I am not sure how to remain professional acting while getting him to back off.

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    Some jobs are not worth your safety. I would seriously start looking for another job since scum like this guy will never stop and may eventually try to rape you. Find other work for your own safety. In the mean time just tell him to knock it off. Just say your going too far and I don't want to talk to you anymore other then about work. 

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    If you can get proof of what he is saying to you, esp about sex, go see a lawyer. Tell him he is to stop or you will make a formal complaint through your lawyer., to management/owner.

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    Don't give any answer to his question. Try to block and disconnect him from any side of the connection. 

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