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Idk if I’m ok?

I’ve had a lot traumatic experience in life I prefer not to say, I don’t feel much really I’ve found myself doing shady things trying to see how people react (dating asking weird personal questions e.c.t) but I feel something almost as a adrenaline feeling that was very intense it’s really hard to explain, I found out it’s called blood lust (the desire to hurt and main others) which describes it perfectly, I don’t have any friends. I’ve also considered joint to army not for any benefits just simply going off to war and killing. I don’t see the need for most things people enjoy, I find most people childish. Last year in school this one kid and I always got very close to fighting and anytime we were in each other’s face I couldn’t stop smiling. If I’m ever in trouble nothing phases me, being grounded yelled at and a lot more I’ll still fight and argue. My dad def. has anger problem. I don’t know how to go and tell my parents that I think I’m a psychopath I grew up on my own I don’t tell them anything if I ever do I either get called names and **** so I don’t want to. If you guys want me to answer more questions I can this is just the tip of the iceberg  

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    go find a huge athletic muscular black man and call him the N word so he can legally beat and stomp you. that will give you the attitude adjustment before you cross a real psychopath or Veteran who will mop the floor with you.

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