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How can I defeat sex addiction?

Let me first say: if you're going to answer this question negatively, don't answer it at all. I'm asking this because I've been battling that for years and it's led to my depression and (honestly) some suicidal thoughts (however, I've never attempted it because [say what you want] God wouldn't let me and would make me focus on positive things and also He wouldn't allow me to have the guts to try [not to mention that He scared me by allowing me to experience something that would never allow me to think about that again) But, this [addiction] didn't start until mid 2000 when I lost my virginity at age 15. I'm not going to tell how this incident started, but I think that that's what ruined my life. If one of these answers is from a former sex addict, tell me how you got help because I know that sex addiction isn't fun.

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    5 months ago
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    You're going to have to spend a lot of time reading the Bible; also,  pray and fast (if physically able to) and keep trusting the Lord .  

  • Andy C
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    5 months ago

    Regular exercise and therapy should be your best bet. 

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