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Why do some people seem to never pedal their bicycle?

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    Laziness. They have a bike, but too lazy to ride it. (most kids, young adults are too busy on electronics.) (others are too busy working. Keep the lights on) 


    It's a e-bike

    Meant to be pedal assist. But use just for motor. (loop hole in DMV LICENSE. bike cannot be gas powered or exceed 20mph or 750w) 

    gas power = license (motorcycle license if atleast 50cc)

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    It's very common to see electric bikes, usually ridden by retirees that either aren't that fit or think their really cool!  You can usually still beat them uphill!

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    You find a lot of bicycles for sale that seem never to have been pedaled. (Now they're being "peddled" lol)

  • electric like my old 500w Schwinn meridian. 

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  • 1 month ago

    likely electric powered

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    Well when it comes to my bike I can coast, pedal or use the gas engine to propell it. I don't even have to change gears; my bike changes 7 gears automatically. 

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    Several factors are involved when looking at this.  1) Rolling resistance: A smooth tread tire will roll faster on paved surfaces compared to a MTB tire with a knobby tread pattern.  Also a tire inflated properly will have less rolling resistance compared to a tire low on air.  

    2) Aerodynamics: A person on a road bike leaning over from the waist is in a much more "tucked-in" position vs. someone riding a beach cruiser sitting upright.  Anything above 10 mph or so & the person on the beach cruiser is fighting wind resistance.  

    3) Wheel bearings: A quality wheel will have quality bearings.  It'll spin more freely & longer.  An example of this would be several years ago as I was COASTING down a small hill & passed a guy still pedaling his el cheapo Walmart bike.  As I rolled past, I could hear him exclaim...WTF?!   

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    cause they got lucky and learned to do it that way

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