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I don't know what to choose?


I have 2 close friends, Saniyah and Chloe, who had a massive rivalry a year ago. Saniyah got extremely hurt and had to go to a behavioral health center on behalf of the suicidal thoughts Chloe was causing her. To this day, she still can't exactly get over what happened, because it didn't go the way she wanted to. She doesn't feel justified because I'm still friends with Chloe. I didn't approve of Chloe's actions but I tried to be the mediator between sides. Saniyah still isn't satisfied and considering her reputation, mental health, peace of mind, and so much more was stripped from her, it makes sense. But she wants me to cut Chloe out of my life. I'm worried that she'll get depression again, she has a vast history of it. I want her to be able to resolve this problem, but I don't know what to do. Chloe has a bad side to her, but she's working on it and I value her companionship equal to Saniyah's. Saniyah still can't get over it because of how badly she was hurt and is sick of me pretending like it didn't happen. I don't but I do avoid the subject out of courtesy. Also, it happened a year ago and did not involve me directly, so their drama is water under the bridge to me. She keeps trying to get me to make a choice and claims she keeps loosing. I'm sick of this. I want both to be happy and I wouldn't be happy if I lost one friend for the sake of the other. What should I do?

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