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Do I have an eating disorder that I need to worry about?

I'm wondering if I should be worried. I typically don't eat until 11 or 12. In the morning I have coffee with a little cream. When I eat lunch, it's typically a protein shake or some lean mean with veggies and sometimes a handful of almonds or something.

For dinner, I will eat a salad or cooked veggies in olive oil or a little fat with some type of lean protein or vegan protein. I'll occasionally be hungry later and have a banana with almond butter or something like that. I also have extreme anxiety anytime I feel full or am not able to get up and move after I eat. I hate feeling bloated or like my stomach is not empty. (It's not just a weight thing) but also is fear of gaining weight. It's also just general discomfort and anxiety about having food in my body. I prefer the way it feels to be sort of in a state of hunger. I also am at a healthy weight so I don't know why I haven't lost more weight.I don't eat red meat, wheat, processed foods, etc... 

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  • 1 month ago

    Because you say it brings you anxiety i'd definitely ask a professional because it very well could be, it might not be worrying on a physical perspective but it definitely isn't healthy for your mental health. 

    It's better to take it to a doctor right now before it develops into something worse which these kind of thing usually do faster than you'd imagine.I hope this helps you a bit!

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