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Why is Zoom not responding? ?

I have an AMD Ryzen 3 3200 laptop. Every time I’m admitted into a zoom meeting, the app says “not responding” at the top and does not let me enter the meeting until 10-12 minutes after. My Windows 10 is updated, my connection is good, I’ve restarted the laptop multiple times, uninstalled/reinstalled the Zoom app, and updated the camera’s drive. I have troubleshooted the app and it states not compatible. However, I’ve seen another guy use this same laptop and use Zoom. Please help! 

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  • David
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    1 month ago

    If you are certain that it was the EXACT same model number of laptop computer, then the most obvious thing to try would be to load the factory default settings in CMOS (BIOS setup program).  Before you do that, should completely uninstall zoom, reboot the computer a couple of times.  Then reboot, enter BIOS setting, set computer back to factory default settings in BIOS.  Then reinstall ZOOM.  

    You've got to be careful about drawing conclusions, though.  I bought two exact model number of laptops from the same vendor on the same day.  When I opened them up, I discovered that they each had two components that were DIFFERENT from the other one.  In other words, from the outside they appeared to be identical (and had the exact same model number) but on the inside they were different hardware.  This is why if you visit the web site of a notebook computer you will often see wording in teeny tiny print like "specifications subject to change without notice"

    Just because another guy has the "same laptop" does not therefore mean that YOUR laptop is compatible with zoom.  It's possible that the two laptops have at least one component that is different.

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