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Is a creatinine level of 1.39 serious?

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  • TedEx
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    5 months ago

    What a coincidence! I was at the dr Monday, creatinine was high. I asked him and what level do I start to worry. His response 2!.

    An elevated creatinine can be caused by many things, caffeine, age ,some medications,, such as meds for high blood pressure, .Stress can be a cause, Mine was 1.53 a few years ago when I was in the hospital for surgery.   .At 1.39, don't worry, but it should be checked  every 6 months, 

  • 5 months ago

    Depends on the cause. Some are transient mild abnormalities like dehydration or some causes it might not go away and eventually get worse. 

    One needs a repeat and a clear clinical history along with a physical in order to evaluate the results. It helps to look at the other labs also like BUN.

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