Life in Salt Lake City?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    All my life at church growing up in Michigan, I heard about how the Mormons pilgrimaging westward breached the Wasatches and Brigham Young looked down at the "plush, green valley" and said, "This is the place."

    Then, just after I turned 19, I flew into Salt Lake City on my way to Provo to embark on my mission. The plane landed on the tarmac. Instead of one of those tubes coming up to the plane that take you directly into the terminal, one of those staircases rolled up to it that deplanes you onto the tarmac and then you load into a shuttle bus that takes you to the terminal. The moment I stepped out of the airplane onto the top of that very high staircase and squinted into the blinding, August, Salt Lake City, Utah afternoon, an endless vista of beiges and browns began to take form before my parching eyes as I grimaced and instantly felt the skin on my face tighten and my stretching lips crack and split open at spots in the driest heat I'd ever felt, and I said aloud, "Plush, green valley, my aѕs!"

    But then my brother and his wife live there and they love it.

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