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Are there huge fines for driving with an expired license ?

My birthday was last week and it's been 8 years since I had my picture taken so I was supposed to go in person to renew it this year.  When I got the renewal notice in early July, appointments in any of the 4 locations around me were already filled through September.  Now it's through the end of November.  There are same day appointments available but you pretty much have to clear your whole day and wait for an opening and even then, as I was filling out the form for one, it was filled before I could get through with all the information. 

I drive about 5 miles a week and have my tabs renewed and insurance and registration and everything else is perfect except my license.  I just don't know how I'm supposed to renew it right now. 

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    Define "Huge"

    Driving with an expired license is subject to a citation and a fine  and depending on your record, your license could even be revoked.

    Tip:  Make it a priority to renew your license ASAP

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    You'll need to check with your local DMV office. That may be easier said than done, because they may be on restricted hours or something. In many places the powers that be have made arrangements to prevent penalties for tardy renewal of license tags and driver's licences. Your mystery place may or may not have such a plan.

    My best suggestion is to try to find your local DMV's website. (Hint: It's NOT, a commercial site.) Many DMV sites are well constructed and helpful, but some, like many governmental websites, are arranged badly, and require patience and imagination on the part of the user.

    For the kind of frustration you might encounter, I offer this fictional but quite plausible example of "How to find the dog catcher in Grumble County." You would bet that it would be, but no, the dog catcher reports to the sheriff's assistant for animal rescue. So you need to drill down through to find the entry for sherrif (they can't spell) and you need to know that the assistant is named carley, but her name is misspelled as carely. The dogcatcher's name is Junior, but you don't need to know that. (All fictional, but I've seen similar stuff. Government working for you!)

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