how to retrieve your WiFi password if it's not on the router?

All it says on my router is "username: admin, password: password".  I tried this and obviously it doesn't work.  When I was setting up my internet, I think I was told to create my own password and I forgot what I had chosen.  Is there any way to retrieve this without paying $$?

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    5 months ago

    What you did you just accessed router settings.Dig deeper,go to Wireless Settings.In this section you can find network password

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    reset the router to factory settings, on the router you will find a reset switch, its either a button or a hole you need to poke a pin in. Hold it down for 30 seconds, unplug the router holding it down for 30 seconds plug it back in for 30 seconds... then release it. After a couple of minutes when all the lights go back to normal turn it off and on. It will be reset to factory and the username and password on the sticker.

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    Oye comunmente para configurar nuevamente tu router debes ir a un navegador de tu preferencia y en la direcion url colocar lo siguiente: esto te va a permitir a entrar en la configuracion de tu router una vez que accedas a ella a esa pagina puedes configurar todo nuevamente

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    Unfortunately, ma'am, you don't mention which Operating System you're using, but there ARE ways in which you can find your Wi-Fi password.

    The following webpage explains how you go about retrieving your forgotten password, but if these don't work for you, you can reset your router.  On the routher, there will be a small pinhole that you can press in with an unfolded paperclip or something equally as thin.  You would then, of course, need to restart setting up your router in order to regain Wi-Fi on it. i.e. choosing a new Wi-Fi password.

    If you are not able to accomplish finding your Wi-Fi password, feel free to send me a PM (Personal Message).  This would, though, require that you change your options from Private to Public in order for me to reply to you.  (You could, of course, change it back again to Private, if you wish, once we've got you sorted.)

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