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Why won't Logic change my tempo correctly !?

So basically, I have two acoustic guitar tracks one left and one right. It was recorded in at 64 pbm in logic but now I want to change it to 65 or 66 bpm as I feel it's to slow. The guitar tracks have a lot of fades in them (around 40, gotta get that magical take!) but when I change the project tempo to 66 it messes up all the fades and it's all out of time. I have tried locking the SMPTE position and also tried joining the guitar tracks so the fades are gone (bounce and join to new track). But even the bounced tracks once the new tempo is added sound different than the original ones with the fades in it. It really frustrating as I really don't want to record the guitar again as I did a lot of work with the comping of the takes. But trying to change the tempo just doesn't seem to be working! I have a feeling it has something to do with the fades as it doesn't seem to do it when I just add a new track with no fades on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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