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Is "Life is what you make of it" really the answer to "Is there any point in living?"?

Just been something I've been thinking about recently. Whether or not our lives are destined to be something specific or we really do choose our own path, does "Life is what you make of it" really mean to live for yourself and do what makes you happy, or should we strive the make our communities happy/the world happy instead?

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    The true meaning of human life is.... Self Realization. Love /hate, Good/evil, happiness/sorrow, positive/ negative, virtue/sin, soul/ body, heaven /hell.. are the creations of God.... So, by pure faith in God we can understand our eternal nature... which relates to our soul as our soul is the Part and Parcel of.... Supreme Soul...."God" ... Actually, we are spiritual souls but we are in human body. We are from the spiritual world. God has sent us on the earth...only for self realization.. as our souls are not as pure as, they have to be... So, God has given us human life where our body feels happiness as well as suffers pain. Therefore, we souls are here... to achieve... the level of purity and to become pure soul.... we should make an effort to understand the deeper meaning of unconditional love for all living beings.... in every situation... 

    Moreover, the eternal nature of our soul is to Love God...

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    When encountering two choices that either make yourself happy and detract or ignore from the greater society, or help others in society and hurt yourself, there are often better decisions left hidden that can come to light after careful contemplation that will aid both yourself and society.

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    5 months ago

    The article on the website below might interest you since it discusses predestination.

    Source(s): 1/8 Are Our Lives Predestined?
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    One thing that makes us happy is involvement with others, including helping them and cooperation, collaboration, and communication.  So it's not an either/or thing.  There is a balance to be struck between individualism and group involvement.

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    Destiny is not predetermined. Destiny is either known in hindsight, or a goal in mind.

    A person has no choice other than to choose their own actions. Even if one chooses to be a slave to the will of another, that is what they have chosen to do.

    "Life is what you make of it" doesn't mean "Live to make yourself happy." It just means that you're responsible for your actions. If you, and the world, are lucky, trying to make the world happy will make you happy as well. 

  • Mike W
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    5 months ago

    Life is what you make of it.  That's probably the best answer you're going to get.  It's not like the rest of us know something that you don't.  We're all figuring this thing called life out as we go, even with all the collected wisdom of the past.  

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    Most broadly, there is the individual, and there is the group.

    Harmonization of the two is an opportunity, and is part of the answer.

    Confucius and Abraham Maslow, and even Sartre, share a similar perspective:  taking right action is right sowing, and understanding right action is what Confucius, et al. discuss and teach.

    What they teach:  there are social roles (Confucius), there are integral processes of mastery in the world (Maslow's research), and there are rational and realistic assessments (Sartre:  the cards you've been dealt; Karl Jaspers' "surround").

    The summary:  you--the individual--has agency and accountability.  Understand Maslow as reporter of the honest work of self-development:'s_hierarchy_o...  In other words, you have individual responsibility.  Simply being a race victim or a race victimizer, or other such one-factor/over-generalized collectivist hypothetical "diagnosis," doesn't make sense.  Such faulty reasoning is illogical, even as claiming total individual agency is illogical.


    "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet;

    "For Couples Only;"

    "The Quarter-Life Breakthrough;"

    "The Road Less Traveled;"

    "A Warrior's Path."

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    5 months ago

    No. There is no known point in living.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Its for you to figure out , that is your life journey.  Life will not always be easy to live, but the opportunity to do so is a blessing beyond comprehension in the process of living, we will face struggles, many of which  will cause us to suffer and to experience pain

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    Either one or the other. You decide what your purpose is.  You decide what you do with your time.  And you accept responsibility and consequences.

    Many kiddos ask "what if?" questions on this site. So ...

    What if Mother Teresa had not dedicated her life to the poor of India?

    What if Joan of Arc had not obeyed her "voices", put on male clothing and led the battle of Orleans?

    What if Diana Spencer, who married Prince Charles and become the popular and media darling, refused to hug AIDS patients instead of doing what her heart told her was right?  The late Princess of Wales had her selfish and troubled sides, but when she did good, we adored her. She could have been a wonderful queen consort if only ...

    I could list the evil people who made the world nasty , but I don't want to. 

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