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Ever tried this on your whatever series/edition phone?

Cover up the cameras on your cell phone and see how well most your apps work...  Why they need to see us much less have access to our photos or contacts? Wanna watch me play COC or Candy Crush while going #2 I hope you enjoy....


how do i do that? I not tech savvy at all but give jist i pretty good at figuring stuff out..

Update 2:

they make it where you cant download less you give permission...   Just get off rear and be social but thats hard now with C19...

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    1 month ago

    It was a movie and I was just a student in a community college not a janitor but just saw a equation in passing and asked Professor to proof it...  2 years later, after graduation he called...  Everyone wanted me, I tried, again with another all alone it made no sense...  I not smart or gifted sup AIM wise, I can hit a flee on a goats rear from distance, NO Kris Kyle but I got natural skill...  I have zero clue why that one equation just made sense...  They would even tell me what it solved....

  • 1 month ago

    Not an issue for me, I just edit the permissions on apps that allow for it and deny access to those that ask for it and don't need it.

    Mostly those apps are Coded by lazy coders that just plug in all access, because they don't want code for just what they need to. 

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