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Should I take the money?

At work, I was assigned a project that required more time to finish than I had so a person from another department was assigned to help me. I am a single guy 26 years old. The other person was a beautiful girl about the same age. I thought I had hit the jackpot with my project partner but Ann told me after we had worked together a few days that she was gay. It was just my luck to strike out with her. However her being gay did not prevent us from becoming good friends. She introduced me to some other women at work but just my luck, they some were gay also but I became friends with them also.

I did not know it but there was a pending law suit against the company that claimed they discriminated against gay people by denying them promotions and pay raises. It came out in court that the company had a list of people they thought were gay and they were not to get a promotion and very small pay raises. Much to my surprise, I was on that list even thought I am not gay. My guess is I am on the list because I was friends with some gay employees.

To settle the lawsuit, the company is going to pay each employee on their “gay list” $100,000 to drop the suit. I have argued with myself other whether I should take the money since I am not gay. What do you think I should do?

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    For $100k at age 26, Id probably be gay once if they needed proof. LOL

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