Did my email get hacked or was it a glitch?

This morning, my mom received a few emails from me with my selfies in it. it was sent at 9:53 am, and my entire family was sleeping at the time. It was my school email too, so I don't have a clue what happened. We also checked the IP address on where it was sent, and the IP address was our location. Did I get hacked or was it a malfunction? Thoughts?

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  • 5 months ago
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    It is unlikely to be a glitch.  That is not the kind of thing a glitch would do.  Normally they are destructive.

    It is a prank.. Someone send your selfies to your mother.

    It could be a hack.  Someone discovered the log on information for your account, logged in as you, and sent them.  Change your password to something completely different and unique to keep them out.

    Or it could be someone "spoofing".  That is a process where they alter the information in the header of an email so that it appears to come from somewhere else.  They make it display your IP and account information.  Changing your password will not prevent this from happening because they are not actually using your account.

    Or it could be a malware/virus.  There are viruses which will go through your pictures (or documents) and then email them to everyone on your contact list.  But normally you will have dozens of people who get all your pictures, not just one.  Run a virus scan on your computer and change the password.

    Since they only went to your mother, it is most likely someone sent them (pretending to be you) as a prank.

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    5 months ago

    Sounds like a glitch or a prank by a member of the household.  I solely base that on the ip information and not something a hacker would be interested in doing.   You can look for other evidence too.  Otherwise doesn't hurt to change your passwords.  It is very common for close family members to get your passwords without your knowledge.

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