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Why doesn't the education system respect the trades? ?

I have been digging a bit online, and I have found out about this thing called "trade schools" where instead of stuffing you into this classroom where you learn trivial ****, it actually teaches you the skills related to the job you want.

I have also seen that the people who make up the education system like the teachers, and the people in the education institutions like Harvard don't respect the trades, and try to make all the kids get all the useless degrees?

From what I have seen, trade schools at least are able to give you a lower but stable income, and guarantees you a job due to the demand for trade jobs. 

If they can at least do that, why don't student counselors try to encourage students who get lower grades to go to trade schools instead of pushing them into getting college degrees where it's not a guarantee that they will succeed in that field?

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    You are right. Before I became a teacher I worked at a high school. There were 3 counselors for students who wanted to go to college and 2 for the rest of the students. Problem was on 34% of the students were interested in college. That meant there weren't many counselors for the students who weren't planning to go to college. That same year, cuts were made in the district. One of the 1st things to go were the trade classes. No more auto shop, no more classes in plumbing or carpentry. 

    It's not fair at all yet very few teachers spoke out against the new plan. That change left a lot of students with only a few options. 

    I'm with you. I believe trade schools are important. Not all students want to go to college.

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    Post secondary education makes far more money off classical education than trade schools, Therefore the value trade schools offer receives little attention.  

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