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Women: why aren't you married yet?

What is your reason for still being single despite wanting to get married and have kids

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  • 1 month ago

    Because I came back in time and realised being single without kids is a better life than marriage and kids and divorce - I wish.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Because I never wanted to be married, not that this is any of your business. And because the opportunity never presented itself.

    Marriage isn't for everyone, no matter what people think. I personally spent years-even decades- watching what marital infidelity and adultery did to my parents. It ruined both their lives, and it also meant that I got subjected to a lot of physical and psychological abuse while I was growing up. And after years of being around such poor role models, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I was totally turned off to the idea of ever being married to anyone.

    There's more to life than having kids. I actually enjoy the fun and freedom that comes from not being married and not having to worry about supporting children financially. My siblings are married, and they have kids- and I get to enjoy my nephews and niece without all the headaches that go with being their parents. And that's enough for me.

    And to add... there are many professional women these days who never marry at all, or if they do, they remain childless for professional reasons. There's nothing wrong with that, either. It doesn't mean they any less of a person.

  • Mike
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    1 month ago

    How do you know all women want to get married and have kids?  HUGE error in thinking.

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