Question for White People. Please share your experience.?

As a White person, how often have you felt like because of the color of your skin you have been treated as less than or devalued because of the way you look. 

What I'm looking for is if you have a personal experience where someone has treated you:

-As if you're not on the same level as a person of a different race. 

-Has anyone spoken to you that because you aren't a certain race, you must lack certain qualifications?I don't want any stories about the media or any statics. How often have you personally encountered it and can you share a personal story where you were discriminated and demeaned for how you look. (nothing about what political things you have to say or if you were wearing any political memorabilia, just based on your looks please.) 

I'm genuinely curious to see what the white discrimination experience is like.


My request is to have personal stories and answers that are apolitical.

Update 2:

@ Teddy's Mom. I get the same thing but with my boyfriend. I think that's a gender thing. All the servers ignore me but automatically focus on my boyfriend. If it's race, there needs to be more clarification that it's race-based and not gender-based.

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  • Yes, I have experienced it. I am a cis gendered white woman who is the parent of an adopted Hispanic Black adult son. We have experimented together and documented a pattern. We compared the difference when I go into a predominantly Black-owned business first versus him.  This is a pattern, not 100%, far from it. I go in first, I am often ignored until another Black person (sometimes my son) arrives and needs attention.  At a deli counter, the Black person will be served first and they say "I didn't see you, when the Black person points out I was there first. At a restaurant I will wait as the sign says to do. but until my son comes in, I am ignored, then we are both told to sit anywhere. I have wandered a shop expecting to be asked if I need help and none will be offered (until my son who wanders separately who has been asked a few times) joins me. To check the behavior, we will do the reverse and he does not get the experience.  There is a movie theatre we used to go to, and if my son exited the movie to get more popcorn, he would get a refill straight away.  I'd go out and be ignored til I called out for service.   

  • 1 month ago

    I've seen and experienced very, very disrespectful behavior from Muslim men toward white women. This was not in the USA, it was in Europe and the East in places where they are in large numbers and have retained more of the culture from their home countries.

  • 1 month ago

    I have never experienced that. The only reason why I am devalued is because I am ugly and I am somewhat psychologically abnormal.

  • 1 month ago

    My experience of racism involves South Asian prejudice against Whites, not Black people's prejudice.  Community groups purporting to be open to all will nonetheless ignore White people if they try to get involved in some way, e.g. drama groups and religious organisations. They don't openly state that they don't want White people but nonetheless exclude us. But it is quite mild.

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  • 1 month ago

    Ever since I was a young lad 

    I never really understood why we group ourselves into a false group of races 

    Getting older I learned that racism is something taught 

    Whether its parents 



    People are paranoid over such benign differences  that they seemingly have mental issues 

    inner demons that need exorcised 

    And someone who was never racist may grow to be a racist by constant torment of some coward that idiotically thinks they're superior 

    Like a child from the middle east may witness American troops in their country bombing it killing their loved ones and becomes tied to Terrorism or one himself.



    Jesus help us 

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    1 month ago

    How would I know if my skin colour was affecting someone's opinion of me?

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, picking on people due to race, ethnicity, hair colour and many other things is not unique to white people nor are they immune to it.

    I'm Irish and my parents speak of how poorly they were treated when they worked in England in the 80s. "No blacks, no dogs, no Irish", "no Irish need apply" they were called derogatory terms such as paddy's, biddy's and Micks (polite version) and discriminated as much if not more than black people today (bitter pill to swallow for many reading but it's true). It was worse in the North of Ireland where the powerful protestants picked on the poor catholics, the police were biased, housing committees, schools, you name it and it led to what the British labelled as "the troubles", which were a series of bombing campaigns and murders carried out by both sides, internment etc and an intervention by the British army who helped a bit before opening fire on civilians killing many in what became known as "Bloody Sunday"(there was another "Bloody Sunday" at a football match in the South 1921where the army did the same). I could go on all day about the British in Ireland but the Irish and the British have become closer in recent years and I'd count them as our closest allies as opposed to the "old foe", we have more in common than we think. And the situation in the North is better, most people with half a brain overlook religious differences and political differences and I can see a united ireland or a better relationship with Britain and Ireland in the future and if I go to the UK now its only a few idiots who have no impact on my life who abuse me. 

    I think it's shocking what goes on today but everything is too pc, everyone seems to want a platform to make themselves different, the "poor me" story is glorified. A lot of black people who have suffered discrimination need to know plenty of white people support your cause but you also need to know you're not alone, plenty of white people have been discriminated against. A few everyone knows about were the Jewish communities of nazi Germany, the three Irish famines (yes there were three) , the great purges carried out by the Catholic Church, 20 million at least in the USSRs formation. You may say it's history... But so is slavery, the aftermath is still there for those people and all those people need to stick together. For me when I see blm I think of a movement who has a just cause but if anyone opposes that movement they're treated as a racist, that's wrong, the movement should highlight all races, all minorities, all people matter, it shouldn't just highlight the police vs black people but the justice system in general, I read an article earlier about a man who served 30 years in prison because someone else murdered his wife, it didn't mention skin colour but apparently it happens all the time, so why not attack that too? Get everyone on board, if I hear people say "white people do this" I automatically will not support them as I am white and generally don't do what they say white people do. Likewise with the British or English earlier if you look through history it was the leadership who made these decisions, the lower class in England were no better off. 

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    1 month ago

    White people have not been taught to blam skin color or race, when they are overlooked, looked down upon, simply not given the benefit of the doubt.  So the question asked is wrong to start with.

    A few years back my niece came up for a visit, she stopped at Walmart on her way up and when leaving. They checked her bag, I mean they pulled everything out and checked it against the receipt. She cam in screaming and yelling that it was due to her being black and such. Only, my daughter and I had also gone to the same store a couple of hours before, and they did the same thing to us. They were doing it to everyone. I'm white by the way. Her reaction is a condition one, a learned one. 

    I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it does, and it is wrong. But it isn't always based on race or skin color either.

  • rodcom
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    1 month ago

    I live in a pretty white bread area, so I have never felt like that.  I think that you have to be the minority in an area to ever come across that, if it exists.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sure, in high school we had to go to a primarily black area to play another team a few times a year.  Every time, without fail, the black players and the black fans would shout racial slurs at us, cuss us out, etc.  extremely vile racism.  And we were just kids, with adults saying horrible, horrible things to us.

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