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Water not too hot?

A person dips a finger in water for five seconds or so. The person should not get a burn. What is the highest possible temperature of the water?


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    wikipedia: The minimum temperature that can cause a burn in a finite amount of time is 44 °C (111 °F) for exposure times exceeding 6 hours. From 44° to 51 °C (111° to 124 °F), the rate of burn approximately doubles with each degree risen.

    There are skin factors that offer resistance to burns. A person who is more burn resistant would require higher temperature and longer exposure to burn as badly than a less resistant person.

    also: Young children are especially at risk for scald burns because their skin is thinner; the elderly are also at a higher risk because they can be less sensitive to temperature, so may be slower to move away from the scalding water.

    Bottom line, there are too many variables to list a fixed temperature. 

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