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if some people act disapproving of you, how should you react?

you get the impression they disapprove you or don't like you by what they say to you, their gestures, their attitude and manner towards you....

i have faced this behaviour often by strangers and people in public and i took it personal and felt annoyed and stumped to know how to a male in my forties.

any advice on how you should react to that when people do that?


thankyou livergirl, very helpful.

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    Ignore them and focus on yourself.  You cannot control or change other people, but you are solely responsible for your thoughts, actions and reactions.  Somebody choosing to judge you will only impact you if you allow this attitude to come into your life.

  • 6 months ago

    You have the option to interact with them and perhaps gain their favor in the process.

    You have the option to choose to take the high road and realize you aren't going to please everyone all of the time.

    You have the option to take the low road by falling to their level and respond with equal, if not worse, behavior.

    You also have the option to not ask questions you already know the answers to at your age.

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    6 months ago

    At forty you should have figured this out by now. Has it occurred to you to just ignore such people? You frail emotions sound like the biggest problem, not the behavior of complete strangers, in my opinion.

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    6 months ago

    If it is a stranger, walk away. If it is a friend, walk away and ghost them. 

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