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Why do well-educated, high-income, middle-aged men like participating in martial arts?

I’m in my 40s.  I like playing most sports but  as I age, it takes a longer time to recover from sports than it did when I was younger.

In addition, once you’re beyond high school or college, any sport with a lot of physical contact (such as wrestling) is just not done.

So why do so many middle-aged men (well-educated processionals) like participating in martial arts?  Why not stick to running, golf or tennis or the like?

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    People are motivated and affirmed by different things.  One of my doctors entered his first jujitsu competition at age 45 and is still doing them 10 year later.

    He said he was a decent athlete in high school but then put that all aside during his college and med school years. After that, his busy life just took over. Distance running and gym workouts were "boring" to him and he wasn't motivated by tennis, golf or other "social sports" (as he called them).

    He realized that it was the intensity and physicality of team sports that motivated him and what he missed most from his youth. Seeing as there aren't many full-contact over-40 football leagues around he was drawn to martial arts. A friend brought him to an MMA gym and from there he joined a traditional jujitsu dojo.

    Obviously these guys aren't trying to destroy one another UFC style.  It's mostly about technique, but he says the occasional competitions keep him motivated to take his regular workouts very seriously, which keeps him focused and in shape.

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