Complete reduction of 1 mole of (3E)-3-methylhepta-3-en 1- yne will require how many moles of hydrogen (H2)?

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  • 1 month ago

    The answer: e. 3


    Method 1:

    Refer to the figure below

    (3E)-3-methylhepta-3-en-1-yne has 1 C=C double bond and 1 C≡C triple bond. The C=C double bond needs 1 mole of H₂ to reduce it to C-C single bond, while the C≡C triple bond needs 2 moles of H₂ to reduce it to C-C single bond.

    No. of moles of H₂ needed = (1 + 2) moles = 3 moles


    Method 2:

    Refer to the figure below.

    The molecular formula of (3E)-3-methylhepta-3-en-1-yne is C₇H₁₂, while that of the reduced product is C₇H₁₈ (CₙH₂ₙ₊₂). 6 moles of H atoms are required, i.e. 3 moles of H₂.

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