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Why is it that the UK doesn’t work like the US ?

In the UK as soon as you’re arrested you’re either charged w a crime or released under investigation, on bail or face NFA (no further action). In the US when you’re arrested you’re sent to jail until the outcome of your case is heard or charges dropped  

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    your confused. you are held in the USA if your charged with a crime.

    otherwise they dont mess with dont get held "pending charges".your a convict aint cha bubba.

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    Because they are different countries. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    the best system of law is the Westminster system of law Innocent until proven Guilty

  • 1 month ago

    They're better and smarter 

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  • Foofa
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    This isn't true. In most US states if the arraigning judge doesn't feel you're a threat to public safety you'll be allowed to post bail and get out of jail. People held in jail prior to trial are those who couldn't afford to post bail or those deemed so dangerous they can't be allowed out...same as in the UK. 

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    False.  No one in the US stays in jail until the case is heard unless a judge denies bail. That happens with only the most serious crimes. Many people arrested for misdemeanors are released 'on their own recognizance', which means they sign an agreement that they will appear for all court proceedings. They might sit in a holding cell for a few hours, until they are 'processed' and the paperwork is drawn up. For most felonies, they are released after posting bail or bond.

    My state recently passed a 'bail reform' law that releases those caught committing many crimes with no bail.

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    What David B said. 

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    You seem to have skipped a very important step in the legal process. In the US you are arraigned soon after your arrest, formally charged with the crime that precipitated that arrest and in the majority of cases, bail is set by a judge. If you can provide that bail you are then released. The only people that stay in jail until their trial are those that could not produce bail or those that were not granted it in the first place because the severity of their crime was such that it was denied.

    It is bad form to criticize something that you don't have even a basic understanding of, by the way.

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    That’s not completely true. In the US, some people are released on their own reconnaissance if it’s a minor offense like petty theft. Others are released on bail. 

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    Not true.  We have a bail system.  If a judge orders bail, it is up to the defendant to pay or stay in jail until a trial.  Most often defendants are released "ROR" on one's own recognizance.

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