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do you think "parents" with "autistic" kids, USE that excuse as a crutch to get what THEY want ?

 my example is the lady on a SWA flight in houston.son was booted off for not masking up. SHE said "he didnt understand the rule"...well didnt SHE understand? or did she just think it didnt apply to HER? I was taking SWA to Dallas, and from the time I checked in to the time I boarded  I heard the same rules warning a total of 22 (TWENTY-TWO) times. the warnings CLEARLY stated "NO exceptions".SWA also issues EACH passenger a list of "covid precautions"as you walk thru the cabin entrance. NO different that letting "emotional support" animals on board...look how quickly THAT got out of hand.

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  • That and a million other things.  Pro tip: there's no link between existing vaccines to Autism, and quit listening to failed actresses with no medical training (Jenny McCarthy, whose incompetence has KILLED people).  

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    It's not that he doesn't 'understand'.  It is that at a certain level of autism they can't get themselves to agree/allow certain things.  Touching is one thing.  The mask on the face the 3 year hold child could not  handle.  He did okay on the flight out there, but not on the way back.  

    There is no indication that this parent was lying or using a crutch.  If it was, when it came down to it they would have gotten their kid in line and not been kicked off.  So your logic doesn't fit at all.  

    PS:  Putting quotes around parents and autistic shows your immaturity in general and for certain ignorance about both.

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    I have yet to encounter a parent that uses an autistic child to get benefits over other passengers. (However, I do not discount that there are those who would.)

    There are ways to convince autistic children and adults to wear the mask during the flight. 

    Source(s): Work part-time as a TSA officer (who worked with autistic children and adults through the screening process.)
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    Although I am certain that there IS a very, very small percentage of people who just *do not get it* - if this was the mother of an autistic son, then she should be very experienced in managing his compliance and behavior.  Or - do not fly.  There are copious infractions that have to do with planes - all the senior citizens who ask for a wheelchair so that they can be first to board - and when we arrive, the BOLT out of the airplane, running like crazy to get their bags, leaving all those empty wheelchairs lined up.  People who hog room in the overheads.  People with Children from Hell - who make no moves whatsoever to distract, entertain, or discipline a clearly boundry-less brat.  People who bring all kinds of smelly mutts on board, take them OUT of the carrier - and then the dog wants MY LAP????  Gate Lice who have seats in the cheapest section of the plane, but stand at the front of the boarding gate, as if magic will get them on first?  I have seen people (as I waited for the lav) CLIPPING THEIR TONENAILS with their foot on the back of the headrest in front of them - while the person sitting there would brush their hand over their head, feeling *something*.  An "Are you SERIOUS??!!" from me got a nasty expletive back from her.

    "Right now" we are not flying.  But we learned that the cost of FIRST CLASS seats - often using a lot of SkyMiles - or just paying for it - was the answer.  I do not need the luxuries - I need the removal from the idiots.  And if COVID rules have done one good thing - it now prevents people from putting their fake *emotional support mini-doggie - Rat on a String! - IN the shopping cart with their groceries.  This is why COVID is spreading in the US - so many people feel ENTITLED to do anything they want - those of us who are polite - well, we have to just deal with it.

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    Just like all people, some use things like that to enrich themselves while some do not.

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