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I think we have less pressure than we think and that bodes well for us in terms of winning the Premier League again next season ?

Pressure will be on Pep Guardiola's Man City to reclaim the title not on us really.

I reckon the pressure is OFF of us.  That 30 year wait is over.  New slate fresh start here we go again as Klopp would say ^_^

If we get off to a good start again that will be fine.  We'll be fine.  Its not like we're Man United or Chelsea, this is the Champions we're talking about here folks, the team who won the league before the lockdown LOL

thoughts ? ^_^




'Will we turn into another Leicester or Blackburn' ?

you cannot be serious with that question lol

How can you draw comparisons between that Leicester Side and this Liverpool team ????

Leicester City didn't dominate the League the way we did,  no team has won it in such dominating fashion the way we did, breaking record after record.  Not forgetting that Leciester nearly got relegated a season prior to winning the prem,  we on the other hand lost it by a whisker.

Update 2:

You cannot compare Blackburn Rovers class of 1994-95 to Liverpool class of 2018-19 and 2019-20

If that Blackburn side was our closest threat in the prem we'd win the title with maybe one draw at best, as the rest of the prem would be weaker than Bburn lol

Short answer - NO WAY in the WORLD will be turn into any of those two,  you're asking the Best team in Europe and the World to become Leicester City or Blackburn Rovers lmao ?

let me smoke what youre smoking please lol


Update 3:

we went toe to toe with Man City in 2018-19 and lost the league by 1 point amassing 97 points in the process, more than those two clubs amassed when they won their titles.

Blackburn did a 'loch ness' under King Kenny that year,  United drew against West Ham at Upton Park in the penultimate day of the season,  we beat Blackburn in their final game and all United had to do was find a winner. They didn't.

How unfortunate, but how pleasing back then as a Red lol

Update 4:

oh and another thing playing like Leicester City , with 23% posession against big teams and being clinical solely on a break.

We actually can play, and play well AND boss the posession most times ^_^

we won the title by 18 points get over it LOL

Update 5:

Hombre you must be going through your 'feel like sucking ryans dick' phase or something mate ^_^

i mean, that bloke just says whatever comes in his head lol

whats he right about ?? what ?

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    guess it will be  30 years before  lfc win it again

  • 5 months ago

    Considering City are throwing money everywhere you’re right. Bad news for City is with their heavy spending they are always favourites, and being the bottlejob losers they are it doesn’t bode well for them . 

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    A very good football team will fight tooth and nail to maintain the title so you are talking out of your backside again. Both Manchester clubs will be after the title 

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    Pressure what Pressure.(They're living the dream)

    Besides they wouldn't know real pressure if it come up and twatted them.(Prem footballers).

    Just f*cking enjoy it and carry on. I know the scousers won't put any pressure on them

    That's what happened at Blackburn it was pure relief, no pressure afterwards that's why we F*cked up but it's different with Liverpool this time. Klopp is the key for me I hope they win it again, 3 on the trott then Klopp will inevitably leave.(He's no Shankly, his heart is in Germany)

    btw you can't compare Rovers team of 1995 with L/pool 2020 it's like Comparing Rovers with the Everton Champions of 1970.

    But Oh to be a Rovers fan and alive that season(Bliss).

    Better to have loved and lost then never loved at all.(I'm not smoking Ha Ha)

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  • sry aces but i got to agree @ryan is right on this,  tbh though i don't really see that having much influence on what will as usual be  key moments in matches...we just got to stick to what we do,  keep playing for each other, and believe me we will be in the title race till the end,the q will be and who else?, though i disagree there will be no press on City,  pep would be the first to quash that idea....infact i believe he would find it uncomfortable if he was playing with perceived  "no pressure"

    No need for silly bollocks man, i don't look to "take" sides, i answer a question,  w/o appearing to talk bs, anyway of course we will have pressure, if from nobody else then the media for sure, but if we carry on where we left of, there won't be much critisizm..however much they might want to...

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    Less pressure on a team that finished 18 points ahead of second? You must be joking. There is no pressure on Man City. The pressure is on Liverpool to repeat what they did last season. Man City had 100 points and 98 points in the last 2 seasons before this one, Liverpool had 97 and 99. City dropped down to 81 this season. It's not easy to hit those kinds of figures three years in a row

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    I'd say the pressure has increased on Liverpool. Will you turn into another Leicester or Blackburn and only win it once or can you actually fulfill the potential and dominate? Can you win it in a normal season? Can you compete on all fronts? Will Klopp eventually decline like he did at Dortmund or can he build sustained success? The pressure to turn back into the elite club of English football is greater than ever, and to do that you need a spell of dominance

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