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Where are the speed sensors on the transmission located on a 90 Dodge Spirit?

I have a 4 Cylinder 1990 Dodge Spirit 2.5L (naturally aspirated) with a faulty speedometer. I got a code 15 pulled from the obd1 reading and it may be a speed sensor that needs replacement. I’ve looked everywhere online but cannot find a video or thread with the information needed to find the sensor. I already bought the parts I just need to know where they go. If anyone can help that would be great. 

I don’t know much about cars. It’s a automatic FWD. Would it be on the top or bottom of the transmission and would it be towards the front end of the car or closer to the steering wheel? I appreciate all the help!! Also is it safe to use 2 scissor jacks if I need to go under the car?

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     The transmission speed sensor is located in the rear of a longitudinal mount transmission. For transaxles, the speed sensor is located on the long side of the output shaft. This would be the end of the transaxle that faces the front of the engine.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It's on one side of the transaxle where one of the CV shafts enters into the differential. One CV shaft actually has the worm gear on it that drives the sensor.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Use jack stands.  Look in the transaxle in the area where the axles are connected.

  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    Don’t crawl under a car supported with jacks. Buy a pair of good jack stands.  

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