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Why I am drawn to virgo?

I am an Aquarius and I love virgo's. Paulo coelho is my favourite author, My role model is Sadhguru. I adore beyonce. Many friends of mine are mostly Virgo. Is there any astrological reason or coincidence? 

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    You are an Aquarius means you were born while Sun was moving through the Sign of Aquarius .. the same approximate dates every year.  But ONLY 2% of all of the 40 to 50 factors in your birthchart.

    Have you done your birthchart?  Do you have any planets in Virgo or Virgo on your Ascendant or Descendant?  OR do the people you love have something in their unique birth chart that "aspects" any of YOUR planets or your Asc. or Desc?

    Astrologers do not use the Signs for attraction of compatibility. The do up the individual birthcharts for two people and then look for distances - not Signs - between any of one person's 10 planets and the other person's 10 planets.

    So while you might have something in Virgo, this only matters if it is within 8 degrees of the Virgo person's Sun in Virgo.  For instance, you might have 2 degrees of Virgo Rising and if their Sun is between 0 and 10 degrees of Virgo, there will be a "conjunction" aspect ... very strong.  If their Sun if further into Virgo, there is no interaction of their Sun with your Ascendant.

    By the same token, any planet between 24 Leo and 10 Virgo would be conjunct an Ascendant located at 2 degrees of Virgo, so it doesn't even have to be the same Sign

    We also look for other aspects/distances:  the sextile, the square, the trine and the opposition.  And there will be many many aspects between any two birthcharts ... some will be harmonious, some will be discordant.  But usually for a friendship, our lives are not merged enough for the discordant influences to show up.

    You can get free birthcharts done at this site, but you will need to know your EXACT time of birth:

    You can also do up free birthcharts for anyone else, assuming you know their (1) day-month-year of birth, (2) their EXACT time of birth and (3) the location (town-city or longitude-latitude) of their birthplace.

    Also, if you want to see the astrological dynamics between you and another person - AND you have all 3 sets of

    But understand that Sun-sign astrology is nothing but entertainment and a money-maker for writers. It's not real astrolgoy, so don't bother with it.  No two people are astrologically the same.

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    It’s called conformation bias. Humans are pattern seeking creatures. The world is exactly like what it looks like without magic.

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