How do you make cheap Rosin press?

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  • 4 months ago

    Step one: Tear down the hair-straightener

    tearing down a hair-straightener

    Your beloved hair-straightener has been with you through many a flattened bud. But don’t worry, we can rebuild it. Better, stronger than it was before. Disassemble the hair-straightener until you have the plastic shell removed, saving the hot plates, electronics, and wiring intact and functional.

     Step two: Prep the wooden blocks

    You’ll want to affix the plates to the blocks with some precision. So first, mark the center of each block with the measuring tape and marker.

    marking the center of wooden blocks

    Place the plates on the blocks and do an outline to show where the plates will go.

    outlining the plates on the wood

    Use a hammer and chisel to score some grooves out of the wood. We’re going to use J.B. Weld to attach the plates to wooden blocks, except J.B. Weld doesn’t happen to work very well with wood. We also can’t use something like typical hobbyist glue because it has to withstand high temperatures, because you don’t just squeeze rosin out of weed, you gotta iron it out. So nicking a few chips out of the wooden blocks gives the J.B. Weld a better grip.

    scoring the blocks with a chisel

    Finally, sand down the blocks with sandpaper to make sure that any sawdust or debris won’t interfere with the weld.

    Step three: Affix the hot plates to the wood blocks

    NOTE: Wrap the wiring in electrical tape after having the blocks and plates rig in the press to set. But this step might be better handled before assembling the project, maybe first thing after you disassemble the hair-straightener.

    Get the J.B. Weld and knead two blobs of it into two lumps about the size of an egg yolk. Smoosh the hot plates onto the blocks.

    J.B. Weld plates to blocks

    Use the fruit press to set the blocks. J.B. Weld takes an hour to set, before which it will still be semi-pliable, and eight hours to solidify permanently. Check and be sure that no part of the wiring is pinched underneath the plates on the wood.

    pressing the block and plate assembly

    What we’ve done here is simply replace the hand-held part of the mechanism with a block housing, which will fit into the fruit press. This will apply a lot more pressure than just the hand-held hair-straightener could do.

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