The United States should join the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

Yes this is serious. The US Government should apply to be a member of the International Criminal Court. That court won't kidnap you or torture anyone. Being a member of that court would be used to have Americans who commit crimes against humanity be tried in the Hague where its jail seems better looking then a run down county jail in Mississippi. The court would a the last resort where it is impossible to have a trial on similar charges of human right violations in a US court room. We got too many brainwashed morons who think the ICC is some evil court. Lets demand Biden and Trump take a stand on joining such a international court. Otherwise the US government should say we welcome all war criminals on US soil instead of extraditing such criminals to a court we don't belong on.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    The International Criminal Court is meant to complement the National Judicial System not take over.  If the judicial system is unwilling or unable to prosecute is when the ICC takes over.

  • joe
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    2 months ago

    this is not a question

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