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will fasting for 48 hours and then eating one meal the day after help me lose weight?

im 18, 5'5 and i weigh 140 lbs... how much can you predict i would lose if i fast for 48 hours so no food and just a lot of water, and the day after the 48 hours, i eat one meal. if i do this repeatedly, how much weight could i lose in a few months without exercise.. this is not the same but like its okay to the same way. 

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    Not really.  You'll lose some water weight and the weight of the waste product that you eliminate and don't replace, and a little fat -- but not enough for the suffering.

    Weight loss is about learning to each the right number of calories and to get the most nutrition, volume, and enjoyment as you can from those calories every day for the rest of your ife.

    You can try intermittent fasting -- no calories between the end of dinner at 6 or 7PM until 10 or noon the next day.  Mix that with a low carb eating plan where you'll eat two meals of about 600-700 calories each, and you'll be in a calorie deficit and losing weight.

    The key is lots and lots and lots of fresh vegetables along with about 8 ounces a day of quality protein and some good fats from things like avocado and olive oil.  Also, cut out the fast food, junk food, sweets, snack, cereal and crackers and pasta and potatoes, etc.  

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    If you don't eat for a long period of time you're more likely to over eat and gain weight.

    Not eating seems like an easy way to quickly lose weight but trust me the negatives are so much worse than the one positive of being skinnier.Especially when you're only 18 and your body is still developing will the effects of under-eating damage your entire body.

    Not just your bones, muscles, hair, digestive system and others but also your brain works on the things you put in your body. You might zone out, forget parts of your day, create an eating disorder, ... ect. 

    Your brain is developing for another seven years and without the proper food it won't be able to fully do that, not worth it!

    Eat the amount of calories you have to eat daily by eating healthy food (no dairy, less meat, no sugary drinks,...) they don't tell you to eat a certain amount for no reason.

    It's not easy work.

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    that would be none

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    Having a calorie deficit will trigger fat loss, yes. There are many ways to do that. Eating one meal in 3 days, is not the most healthy way. Understand that the faster you lose weight, the higher chance you won't be able to maintain it AND the higher chance that you're losing muscle as well as fat (and you don't want to do that).


    Consider that if you are female, the recommended weight range for you is 120 - 139 lbs (depending on body frame size, per the source calculator), so you're right at the top end of a healthy weight for a female with a large frame. If you are male, the range is 129 - 150 lbs. 

    There is a method of Intermittent Fasting that calls for 2 non-consecutive days a week of fasting. Perhaps that would be more reasonable. Pick 2 days a week that you fast (not back to back days). On the other days, you eat a reasonable, healthy amount of calories. You could drop the few extra pounds you're carrying (if you are female) fairly quickly. No one here can tell you how quickly because we don't know what your activity level is nor what your usual calorie intake is. 

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    Your BMI is 23.3, so it is in the normal range.  If you lose 10 lbs, you would still be in the normal range.  Some women eat just one meal per day and are able to keep the weight under control.

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