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Why would a high school student do this?

pinch a schoolmate's butt without her ever having a clue who did it because the crowd that she's in is moving in the opposite direction that the crowd he's in is moving (aka in the hallway or stairs)

She has her back to the crowd he's in. The people in her crowd are other ordinary students, not her friends. Same with the guy doing the pinching, the people in the same crowd as him are probably strangers to him as well.


If the top of the thumb had no nail poking out, I'm gonna assume it was a guy.

However if there was a trace of nail poking from the top of the thumb, it could've been a girl in that case.

Other than that…

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  • edward
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    5 months ago
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    Because high school students are immature and you can’t make the assumption it was a boy who pinched her anyway

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    That's an assault & sexual harrassment. Better become aware of your surroundings. Who's behind you & why are they so close?

  • 5 months ago

    Why?  Because he's a sexual predator starting small and almost entirely likely to end up raping women some day.

    One of my proudest moments with our oldest granddaughter was a scenario much like that - she was walking down the hall in high school and a student, a stranger to her, grabbed her butt. She turned around and punched him so hard he landed on the ground. She said, "I meant to slap him, but I must have had a fist". LOL!

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