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What is the difference between a writer and an author? ?

Just curious......

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    An author is one who has got the authority entitled to his or her work, which could be anything. A writer is someone who is an unauthorized author of his or her work. 

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    Authors have been paid.

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    What I see most often is that a writer is any person who writes, whether it's their own ideas or content or that of someone else (including a business entity), and an author is someone who has written their own content which has been published for sale.

    At one time that included only commercial publication, but self-publishing seems to make people authors now as well, although IMO many should not have taken that step without improving their manuscripts.

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    The most common distinction I found when I googled this is that an author is one who originates the idea, the plot, the content of what he or she writes. A writer could be writing about someone else's ideas. Someone who only writes news articles, for instance, is not an author. All authors are writers but not all writers are authors.

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