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Help with Herpes urgent?

Hello my girlfriend contracted genital herpes. Before I had sex with her I was negative with both HSV. Three months later im positive with HSV-1 I don't know how I got it. Two weeks ago she got diagnosed first with genital herpes. Then unknowingly I got it almost a week later. Test results comeback with her being positive with HSV-1 and negative with HSV-2 but I came back positive with both HSV-1 and HSV-2 today. How did I get HSV-2? I only had 2 sexual partners in my life. My ex fiance and my current girlfriend. She also only had two sexual partners her ex and me. We have been together for almost a year. How did I get HSV-2 if she was my only sexual partner for the entire relationship?

Is it possible that I got viral shedding and I gave it to her through oral sex and days later when I penetrated her I got HSV-2? Medical professionals told me that she cheated because she got it first but I don't believe that. Is it possible for HSV-1 to turn into HSV-2?

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    Herpes lies dormant in your system for long periods of time between actual breakouts. It's most contagious during the breakouts, but can be contagious even without a breakout. If she tests negative for HSV-2, you didn't get it from her. My guess is that you got it from the first girlfriend, and it's been dormant.

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