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Is it a RED FLAG when a used car has 5 owners in only 7 years?

I was checking out a 2013 BMW with only 75k miles but looking at the car fax report there have been 5 personal owners in only 7 years. One of them even got rid of the car after 50 miles. But the last person drove it 15k miles but only kept it 1 year. I noticed the under hood looks spray painted, especially on top, almost like if that part was obtained from a salvage 

after an accident but the car fax does not have accident history. Maybe it went unreported. It’s only $10,000. What’s the worst that can happen from

An “as is” sale? They didn’t agree to let me get my own mechanic to inspect it. 


I forgot to mention that the car is from Texas and there was Hurricane Harvey in 2017 so could it have flood damage? On the outside it looks good. I test drove it But for a 230 Horsepower car it didn’t have much pep and I heard a clank Coming from suspension whenever I made a right turn. 

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  • Fred
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    3 months ago

    I wouldn't touch the car.  It rings all the bells of major problems and likely has been in a bad smash.  European cars are all bad buys especially as they age.  They are not as reliable as Japanese vehicles and don't last any longer than a normal car.  Many of them these days can only be repaired at dealerships that specialize in that brand as they need special tools, and European brand dealerships charge 2 to 4 times the money that a regular mechanic charges.  The cars are built so the dealerships make huge money not only when selling them but also for the repairs.  There is a mechanic who gives honest car advice on You Tube called Scotty Kilmer who has a catch phrase of Rev Up Your Engines, who runs videos on all sorts of car subjects.  He is very anti BMW and Mercedes cars as he says people buy them thinking they are buying a superior car but in reality they are both living on their past reputations and are no better than your average car, with a ridiculous high purchase price that is meant to create a belief the car is worth a lot more than other brands.  As they age they start breaking down a lot more than they should and cost of parts and repairs are very much inflated by the dealerships to try and make you believe they are superior parts than other car parts which they aren't.

      Mechanics say they are money pits and likely it will cost you a fortune in repairs just say you can feel superior to others driving other brands but in reality a Toyota would give you a much more reliable vehicle.  Do yourself a favour and buy a Toyota.  They did not become the worlds largest car manufacturer by selling poor quality cars.

  • hart
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    BMW is hard to maintain nobody knows whats going on and create problems only

  • 4 months ago

    I don't know if you are trolling, but if not - AVOID. THIS. CAR.

    No pep?  Clanking from suspension? Won't let you get it inspected?  Wonky hood?


  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    That depends is it a Manual of an auto people Buy Manuals then dont like them

    My 2002 VW Bora V5 Manual I am the 4 owner and had her for 2 years I love manuals and this is my First VW

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  • Ron
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    4 months ago

    I wouldn't buy a BMW if it were your money to spend. Considering the things you've already mentioned, why have you bothered posting a question about it? Walk away 

  • 4 months ago

    I don't believe that is spray paint under the hood. Without being able to touch the area,I believe what you are looking at is oil or some other lubricant. This lubricant was leaked into the wash of the cooling fan then "sprayed around the engine compartment.

    Judging by the quantity of owners in the time frame mentioned coupled with your trepidation on purchasing this vehicle I would pass.

  • 4 months ago

    Very big red flag.   Most people keep a car for five years or more.  

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    "They didn’t agree to let me get my own mechanic to inspect it. " is the  "RED FLAG".

    . I don't care if the car had 20 owners.  Each had their reason for buying it (& selling it). The clunk is concerning because I can't hear it from here.

     "nice picture of open hood"  Is that suppose to mean don't - except you know how to open the hood.

    .CAR FAX is a web site. (Somebody bought the web site name"CAR FAX"but it means nothing) Some people report to it and some don't.  

    . It is not CAR FACTS (or some Mandatory reporting place for all vehicles).

    .  A mechanic can only use his best judgement and do certain tests to make sure certain parts are good.  THAT IS ALL.  

    . My car is an '07 and it barely cracked 30K.  I don't drive very much so the car sits in the heated garage most of the time.  Life changes the amount of use the vehicle gets. That is normal for most people.

    . Maybe the former owners were on a payment plan and could not afford the car so it goes for sale to someone else who may decide for some other reason he does not want the car.ETC.

    "I noticed the under hood looks spray painted, especially on top, almost like if that part was obtained from a salvage"

    You or any mechanic CAN'T TELL IF THE PART IS FROM SALVAGE OR NOT.  Those cars in salvage are the IDENTICAL CAR TO YOURS except they got into a most of it is damaged (but not ALL PARTS) Identical engines means identical parts.

    Under the hood looks oily. Not totally unexpected for a car with 75K on the engine. But it is the wrong color as they dip the pieces in a vat of paint for many of the parts so I would have expected blue to be like what is on top of the hood.

    Noise could be a single worn out strut bushing that holds up the front end.  A mechanic near you can hear it and figure out what it is(1 or 2 parts) 

    BMW is not 1/4 mile dragsters, but they corner really good when in the mountains where dragsters can only do straight stretches for 1/4 mile.

    AS IS means what you see is what you get.  If you are unsure, let your mechanic check it out and buy it using your money and sell the car back to you.  He won't do that because he is not getting paid to waste his time.  He repairs cars.   He is not YOUR MOMMY

  • 4 months ago

    I'd never even consider buying a used BMW even if it only had ONE owner! It's a high maintenance vehicle that will drain your savings. If you just have to have on lease a new one. You'll find it's way cheaper then being that POS's owner.

  • 4 months ago

    You're clearly suspicious of it, so follow your instincts and leave it, no matter what possible explanations there may be for what is worrying you. Especially, if they won't allow an inspection that's a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned.

    Eventually you'll find a car that you like and which is genuine.

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