Why is my dad so rude to my mom?

My dad is highly toxic and he used to hide financials from my mom and he used to publicly shame her and also in private how she shouldn't be talking about certain things. Right after they got married, he wanted an annulment. He yelled at her constantly when I was younger when they got into fights. 

Called her names, refused everything from her, etc. He also treats her like a child and yesterday he was driving so fast when we were in his car, he almost crashed head on into another vehicle. When we go places with him, he acts like he is on a race course. He actually called her a stranger once and said she "lives here" supposedly when she had been living with us for 7 years already. He acts like she is a guest and to top it off, he outright ignores her every single day. He says short comments but hasn't talked to her in a decade.Now, they are living together because of financial reasons and they are divorced. Today for instance was her birthday and he gives her a card and stuff but he doesn't partake in the festivities even though we have to for his birthdays and such. He came home groaning, saying he had a long day, complaining, etc. when it's my mom's birthday! It was so unbelievable and he was talking about himself.Why does he treat my mom like crap?


He will outright treat us "good" and treat her badly.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Why don't you just sit down and ask him outright?

    It's a very strange but interesting relationship these two people have between them, isn't it?  Why did they bother to get married in the first place if they didn't love and respect each other?

    Now is your chance to be a detective:  Ask your mother, too.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    cause hes being mean to her

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